One Day Detox™
Shakti House™
Teacher Trainings
Modern Goddess™
Improv Comedy
  1. Morley Yoga 2/3
    Tom's flow yoga class uses a challenging sequence of standing poses for the majority of class, followed by deeper stretching floor poses and a relaxing savasana. A hot and sweaty experience for all levels of practitioners.
  2. All Levels Yoga
    All levels of yoga will challenge you while offering intelligent, thoughtful modifications and guidance for beginners with the advanced practitioner still experiencing a strong, inspiring class.
  3. Yoga Barre™
    Created by Alanna Zabel, this unique class is a fluid blend of Yoga, Barre, Pilates, and Sculpt all in one class. Bands, gliders and hand weights are used in class.
  4. Hypno Yoga™
    Restorative yoga and deep-release stretching in conjunction with the expert guidance of hypnotherapist Barbara Scheidegger.
  5. Shakti House™ Party
    DJ hip-hop and house party with healthy non-alcoholic drink options. A great community alternative to Saturday night out.
  6. Kids Hip Hop Yoga
    Acro Hip Hop Yoga fun for kids ages 6-11 with tumbling, gymnastics and yoga expert Ashley Williams.
  7. Yogi Twist™
    Let's play Yoga! Using AZIAM's yoga games, flash cards, toys, dolls, and books, we teach children the fundamental concepts of yoga. Very fun!
  8. Improv Yoga™
    Navaris is both a cast member and instructor at The Groundlings School of Improv Comedy. Enjoy 30 Yoga followed by 60 minutes of Improv technique, closing with Meditation. Be prepared to laugh, learn to say "yes", and be present.
  9. The One Day Detox™
    Join us every Sunday for entire day of juice cleansing, healing herbal elixirs, detox soup, spa day pass, hiking, yoga, and meditation. The Ultimate Self-Care Day in LA!
  10. Hang Zen™ Day Retreat
    Join surf instructor Chase Voga and an AZIAM yogi to enjoy a day in Southern California learning to surf while loosening up the mind and body with yoga. One day Surf and Yoga Day Retreat.
  11. Modern Goddess™
    Women gather, women share, women beautify and bond. Led by resident Yoga Goddess Alanna Zabel, with varying spa services offered from local providers.
  12. Detox Yoga 2/3
    Before class we offer a non-alcoholic detox herbal elixir. Class is a challenging Vinyasa flow intended to cleanse your mind + body from the inside out.
  13. House of Core™ 2/3
    AZIAM offers a fierce blend of core fitness into one sweat-filled, challenging, invigorating and inspiring class. We will use weights, gliders, resistance bands and modern fitness techniques to get you in top physical condition.
  14. I AM Meditation
    Each week the AZIAM studio offers a theme, ex: Kindness, Creativity. Teachers tie in our theme so that collectively as a studio we will grow together with positive & productive intention. Brain-boosting theta & binaural sounds included.
  15. Me & Mini Yogi™
    Join our Mindfulness expert, Jennifer Grant, as she leads both Bigs and Littles through 45 minutes of fun and high-energy yoga together followed by a Mindful Meditation for all to enjoy while expanding meditation and awareness skills. Only $10 each.
  16. Yoga Ballers™
    Using Yoga Tune Up® balls to release tension within the body. The technique helps to eradicate pain, improve posture and enhance performance through a unique blend of Corrective Exercise, Self Massage and Yoga.
  17. Pre-natal Flow Yoga
    Physical practice of yoga to keep a mother-to-be's body strong and aligned.
  18. DJ Sol Rising Yoga
    Vinyasa Flow Yoga with our resident DJ's: DJ Sol Rising and DJ Kishan live Hip Hop and House music, or Playlist (when both are traveling). Follow class with our Shakti House™ Party.
  19. AZIAM Girlz Yoga (ages 6-12)
    AZIAM offers our Girl Power formula for well-being specifically for girls: physical fitness (a strong and healthy body), heightened mental awareness (a calm and focused mind) and personal power (an accepting and strong spirit).
  20. Sound Bath Recharge™
    Recharge your mind, body, and spirit with this deeply restorative hour of sound bowl meditation combined with deep release stretching.
  21. Abs-olute Yoga™ Flow
    This vinyasa style yoga class focuses on core strength and mobility while increasing muscle tone, balance, and functional flexibility.
  22. Pure Flow™ 2/3
    Pure Flow™ gets your body flowing, allowing your mind to relax into the moment. Be challenged, be inspired, be present.
  23. Power Hour Yoga $10
    60-minute Power Flow with upbeat, modern music.
Surf Yoga Days

~5 CLASSES $100 ($20 per class)
~10 CLASSES $180 ($18 per class)
~20 CLASSES  $300 ($15 per class)
~30 CLASSES  $360 ($12 per class)

* I AM Meditations are FREE to those with class packages. Those without, please donate ($10 suggested) directly to your teacher to keep the energy of this offering pure and gracious. Namaste.