About Us
Alanna Zabel is the founder of AZIAM Yoga and the creator of Yoga Barre™. She is a registered ERYT-500 yoga instructor, Pilates and fitness instructor. In 2000, she founded her own unique YogaDance company based on combining the essential movements of yoga with modern dance. Her first performance was choreographed for a private party at Michael Jackson's home and performed at Neverland. Her performances have been requested at fashion shows, conferences and private parties. With a flare for style and design, Alanna launched the premium  AZIAM Active Wear  collections. Beyond her accomplishments as an instructor, performer, program director, writer, and designer, Alanna is a creative force and a teacher with a passion for kids. In addition to fourteen children's books with yoga and wellness themes, she single-handed created The World's First Yoga Doll and Soul Model collections .

Voted "Best Yoga Instructor in Los Angeles" in 2011 by LA Family Magazine and one of "Hollywood's Hottest Trainers" by Shape Magazine in 2014, Alanna is passionate about teaching yoga through her classes, life and writing. She is the author of  As I Am: Where Spirituality Meets Reality . Her children's book titles include  The Seven Doors, a children's version of Deepak Chopra's best selling The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success. Alanna holds a BA in Child Development with a minor in Theatre/Dance from the University at Buffalo. She stars in five fitness DVDs: two produced by Natural Journeys:  Yoga Total Body Makeover  and  Pilates Yoga Fusion , as well as three from Anchor Bay Entertainment:  Beginner Level Yoga for Toning, Flexibility + Stress Relief Cardio + Conditioning Yoga, and Beginner Level Yoga which became a nationally bestselling fitness DVD in 2016.​ To learn more visit AZIAM

Meet AZIAM's Teachers
  1. Tom Morley
    Tom Morley has been teaching yoga for over 15 years. He was formally trained at Yoga Works. Tom is a devoted meditation practitioner and facilitator drawing from Tibetan Buddhism, Taoism, Tantra and other traditions. He has pursued various spiritual teachings and healing modalities his entire life.
  2. Stephen Weigand
    Stephen Weigand's joy & passion as a teacher is to provide his students with a light hearted, fun & encouraging environment where you feel supported to challenge yourself and uncover your truest potential.
  3. Diane Magnette
    Diane Magnette hails originally from Brussels, Belgium and grew up snowboarding during the winter and swimming in the summer. With a keen eye for alignment she also enjoys music with a strong beat and music you can sing along to. New and old school hip hop, pop, dance and more.
  4. Kishan Shah
    Kishan Shah is an international teacher of Yoga and Meditation, practitioner of Ayurvedic Medicine, herbalist, bodyworker and spiritual guide for this blessed life’s journey. Kishan’s renowned Raja Vinyasa Yoga classes feature an inspiring soundtrack of beats and soundscapes that paint the tone for inspiration and introspection. Authentic Yoga and Meditation techniques to take you to your edge and bring you back into a deep state of relaxation and meditation. Dynamic sequences that are Ayurvedically inspired to flow with the seasons for balance, cleansing and rejuvenation. Be prepared to dive deep and sweat!
  5. Trevor Gribble
    Trevor has immersed into countless "styles" of yoga, meditation, & movement therapy. He teaches creative all-levels classes set to rhythmic soundtracks, coaching his students through a balanced spectrum of asana ranging from gentle therapeutic postures to invigorating flow.
  6. Barbara Scheidegger
    Barbara Scheidegger is the brainchild of Let it Go Hypnosis. She is a passionate and forward thinking certified clinical Hypnotherapist based in Beverly Hills, California. Barbara is also a NLP, Reiki practitioner, and life coach. She co-created HypnoYoga™ with AZIAM.
  7. Sarah Howard
    As a former college athlete, Sarah has first hand knowledge of the physical and mental stress that is placed on athletes. Sarah created Elite Mobility Training to help build better athletes, who can withstand the stress of their sport. Sarah is certified in: The Roll Model Method®, Yoga Tune Up®, Power Yoga for Sports, Maximum Performance Yoga and RYT 200hr Yoga Teacher Training.
  8. Molly Mitchell-Hardt
    Yoga transformed Molly’s life, and during challenging experiences, even felt like her saving grace. To her, yoga is a way of life; a path that transcends the physical into the spiritual. As a teacher, she aims to provide a safe and empowering environment for practitioners to experience their own unique transformation.
  9. Ashley Williams
    Ashley was a competitive gymnast for over 10 years and has been sharing her passion of strength and flexibility with kids since 2009. She is a fully certified USASF tumbling coach. Ashley loves to nurture children in discovering their full potential and encourages them to be proud of who they are.
  10. Navaris Darson
    Navaris Darson is a Groundlings Sunday Company alumni and Groundlings Improv instructor. He co-created ImprovYoga with AZIAM founder Alanna Zabel and found the benefits for both improv and yoga to compliment and enhance each other. Be present, give/receive, say Yes!
  11. Stephen Bickle
    Stephen's teaches with a strong connection to function. He relies on his engineers mind to help dissect the poses, using this to teach my students how to safely practice at a very physical level. He may take teaching very seriously but rest assured, come to class ready to have some fun, sweat your butt off, and discover something new about yourself.
  12. DJ Sol Rising
    Sol Rising's original soundscapes evoke feelings of bliss throughout an eclectic mix of electronic music and hip-hop. Born in Vancouver BC, Sol Rising began meditating at age four with a walking mantra technique. Now a successful Producer/DJ, with over 4 albums released, Sol Rising plays major events across the United States.
  13. Amy Rose
    Specializing in vinyasa flow from beginner to advanced set to soul soothing music, Amy brings great light and love into her classes. She will encourage you to have fun and challenge yourself, while honoring your individual needs. Her classes focus on building endurance and strength, while, at the same time, respecting the connection between the body and the mind.
  14. Carrie Costello
    Carrie Costello has been practicing yoga for nearly two decades and dedicates herself to intense, independent practice, research and study. Carrie has more than 1,000 training hours and she believes yoga is a continual exploration and investigation of oneself and a lifetime journey both as a teacher and student.
  15. Diana Welham
    Diana Welham began practicing yoga as a way to gain flexibility while being a competitive cheerleader. She fell in love with the practice, realizing there was so much more than just a physical workout. She continued on to complete her 200 hour Intensive Teacher Training with YogaWorks. In her classes, feel encouraged to smile, sweat, and move with no judgements or expectations - only love.